Versatile Delivery Robot

 Redefining Human-Robot Relationship

Food Delivery

With it's secure storage and topside cupholders, SwiftBot can be easily used as a robot waiter


SwiftBot has a efficient cruising mode, allowing it to follow a set path for as long as you require


SwiftBot can interact with both customers and staff, leading to a more unique, immersive experience


SwiftBot can act as a robotic receptionist, guiding customers to the destinations they input

Other Delivery

SwiftBot's 35kg carrying capacity doesn't just deliver food - it can deliver anything you need moving from A to B


Make a customer's experience even more special - let SwiftBot wish them a happy birthday!

5-S Delivery Expert


Reduce 50% human-robot road congestion and increase 30% machine running speed in restaurant environment


Enhance 20% delivery stability powered by hybrid technology, combining Auto-level adaptive variable suspension and stabilization algorithm


Human detection technology of
securing safety for special group
such as elders and children.


Multimodal interaction provides more intelligent and better experience for


Being courteous and friendly, SwiftBot redefines the relationship between
people & robots

Obstacle Avoidance

SwiftBot is designed to work in busy and dynamic environments with courtesy and efficiency. Supported by rear sensors, accurate human detection, and an environmental perception algorithm, SwiftBot is capable of giving way to people initiatively. When a human is detected, it will decide to move sideways or backwards, then continue its job.

Unimpeded In-building Delivery

   Safely and automatically take elevators and pass through E-gates   

Projection Indicator

With laser projection, SwiftBot can create a more intimate ambience and provide an interactive experience for the customers

One step door control

Machine status indicators

Realtime path projection

Automatic Electric Door

SwiftBot’s automatic doors can open and close to keep its deliveries safe and sound, but the option to remove them completely is available to businesses who want to maximise robot-to-customer interaction in their venue.

Auto Charging

SwiftBot automatically provides a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low. Without manual intervention, SwiftBot can go to the charging pile to refuel itself when the battery level is lower than the set threshold.

Pager Function

SwiftBot supports the Pudu Pager and Pudu Link calling function. With one simple click, SwiftBot can receive and conduct any missions given to it, making it incredibly convenient for the user to assign and manage tasks

IoT Functionality

Support 4G/LORA/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/RFID/Type-C
Easy function extension and application integration

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