Puductor 2

Disinfection Robot

COVID-19 has changed our way of living. No-contact operations will be crucial for the foreseeable future. Pudu Robotics provides multiple solutions to battle the negative impact from the pandemic. With true no-contact functions and double disinfection modules, Puductor 2, the UV cleaning robot combined with air disinfection machine, minimizes the risk of cross infection and improves sanitary condition for indoor environments. 

What are the Puductor 2 Special Features?

Why Choose Puductor 2?

  • With a long lasting battery, Puductor 2 can disinfect 12-15 average sized rooms at once. 
  • Puductor 2 is an adjustable atomization rate, making it ideal for quick sanitization or semi-open environments. 
  • UV Disinfection allows Puductor 2 to reach market leading disinfection levels across the industry. 
  • Built-in Laser SLAM software, to ensure thorough environmental perception and obstacles avoidance.
  • Auto-detection modules in the disinfection solution chamber, to ensure the robot ceases when levels are low. 
  • Puductor 2 has a automatic retracting and releasing mechanism for the UV lights to avoid any potential damage. 
  • With an independent suspension system,  Puductor 2 is able to adjust to ensure a smooth journey on most terrains. 

Technical Characteristics

Machine Weight                        : 60kg

Battery Capacity                        :  51.2Ah

Reservoir Capacity                    :  15L

Irradiation Intensity at one meter distance      :   188 μW/cm² , UV-C(254nm)

Effective Disinfection distance  :   3 meters

Disinfection Time                        :   Max 6H (Automatic Recharging)

Cruise Speed                                :   0.1-1.2m/s (Adjustable)

Disinfectant Solution                  :   Hydrogen Peroxide( H2O2),Hypochlorous                                                                     Acid( HClO),Chlorine Dioxide(ClO₂),etc.

Working Voltage                          :    24V

Motion Sensor                             :   Yes

UV-C Lamp Protector                 :   Yes

Solution Inlet& Outlet                 :   Yes

Max Climbing Angle                   :   5°

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