PuduBot 2

Universal Delivery Robot

Various Delivery Modes, Diverse Delivery Scenarios

Supports four delivery modes with easy switching as required, quickly and efficiently meeting the delivery needs of different scenarios.

Delivery Mode

Birthday Mode

Cruise Mode

Dish Return Mode

Automatic Charging

The PuduBot 2 supports auto-recharging without manual intervention, and will return to its charging port when faced with low battery.

Calling and Notification

The PuduBot 2 support the Pudu Watch, App Calling, and Paging. Assign and manage tasks with one simple click.

High Performance LFP Battery

The PuduBot 2 can operate for up to 24 hours on a 3 hour charge for enhanced safety and reliability.

New Generation of PUDU VSLAM Technology

Marker-less technology reducing 75% deployment time
Comfortable operation in high ceiling environment up to 30m

Various Forms, Versatile Accessories

Dual Lidar, Precise Perception More Reliable, More Secure

360° sensing, with environmental features in full view

Fully Enclosed Machine Design

Effectively resists dust and water

IoT Compatibilities

Support Type-C/4G/LoRa/Wi-Fi connection

Multi-Industry Linkage, Full-Scene Coverage


Provide immersive, automated service, quick response to demand, and let PuduBot 2 handle repetitive tasks to increase efficiency


Provide contact-free delivery preventing cross-contagion and reducing exposure risks for medical staff.


Employ point-to-point, high-frequency lightweight delivery. Improve workflow between warehouses and other departments.


Make use of an innovative mobile shelf with plenty of carrying space and higher advertising coverage.

Bot Specification



Default 3, Maximum 7

3 Hours

Wire & Auto-charging


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