Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display

KettyBot is Pudu Technology’s latest delivery & reception robot that features advertisement display, customer guiding, AI voice interaction and delivery. As a low cost and high efficiency solution.

What are KettyBot's Special Features?

Why Choose KettyBot?

  • Compact Design for Improved Agility
  • Marketing Expert on Wheels
  • A New Way to Impress Your Customers
  • Instant Switch Between Removable Trays and Rear Cover
  • Dedicated Usher
  • Multi-table Delivery
  • New Voice Interaction
  • Cruise Mode
  • Automatic Navigation Planning
  • Multi-robot Cooperation for Higher Efficiency
  • Impressive Auto-charging Function for All-day-long Service
  • Various Color Schemes

Technical Characteristics

Machine Dimension      :      451x436x1103mm

Machine Weight             :      38kg

Carrying Capacity          :      30kg

Battery Life                     :      > 8h

Charging Time                :       4.5h

Cruise Speed                  :       Max 1.2m/s

Clearance                        :        55cm

Ads Display Dimensian :       18.5″

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